Top Five Slow Cooker Recipes (Video)

When you have an infant or toddler life can get very hectic so every shortcut in cleaning or anything else helps. I have found that shortcuts and time management are both lifesavers for me with having a toddler. So here are some handy around the house tips that help save me a lot of time.

Todays family is usually pressed for time to sit down and eat, especially eating together as a family. There's where the slow cooker comes in handy. I have tons of slow cooker slow cooker stewing beef stroganoff, and can find just about anything to cook that my kids will like to eat.

You will need baking potatoes cut in quarters onion braising steak sliced carrots sliced stalks celery sliced tsp thyme tsp dried rosemary beef chunk roast remember it does not need to be an expensive cut cup beef broth.

Use a recipe specifically created for slow cookers. If you are dying to convert a traditional recipe to a crock pot recipe, there are some rules to follow. For example, unless you're making soup, you'll typically want to decrease the amount of liquid you add. Because a slow cooker stewing steak cooker retains moisture, you can sometimes end up with more liquid at the end of the cooking time than you had when you started and this can dilute the flavors of your dish.

Create a 21-day dinner meal plan and rotate those same recipes. You'll have variety, but you won't have to spend time every day thinking about what you're going to cook.

Rewards and positive reinforcement throughout the evening can make all these tasks run that much smoother. I know it's a lot to get done every night, especially with more than one child and limited stewing steak slow cooker recipes. But in the end making sure to put a "check" next to each of these afterschool routine matters can make evenings and mornings go that much smoother.